MOSSTools application (current version  is a collection of MOSS tools for browsing the content and managing sites, lists, columns, content types, job definitions, ... . MOSSTools can also help you migrate custom fields, custom content type and list definitions from one SharePoint farm to another (supported versions 2007, 2010 & 2013).


  • Import / export custom fields
  • Import / export custom content types
  • Import / export list definitions
  • Support for lookup fields, the procedure is
    • Import the referenced lookup field and all other fields used by the referenced list
    • Import the content type used by the referenced list
    • Import the referenced list definition
    • Import the lookup field (define the referenced / lookup list, created in previous step)
    • Import the rest of custom fields
    • Import the rest content types
    • Import the rest list definitions
  • Enumerate sites, lists, document libraries, content types, event handlers and fields
    • Register / Unregister event receivers / handlers to web, list & contet type objects
    • Enumerate workflow associations (list / library, content type & associated content type in list / library)
    • Enumerate job definitions, add, change schedule
  • Preview objects schema (xml definition)
  • Show list items field values (either select the item in Items node and Preview Export in context menu, or use the GetItemById feature of SPList node)
  • Show SP objects (webs, lists, content types, fields) properties
    • Right-click with context menu support.
    • Update SP objects properties (you have to enable Allow Update Properties in Settings first - use carefully !!!)
  • Edit list item properties (save using normal Update, SystemUpdate with version update or not, OverwriteVersion)
  • Execute CAML queries on lists, sites and site collections
    • Allow in-memory joined queries between lists / libraries
  • Batch update list items / documents
  • Batch delete list items / documents
  • Move items / documents between libraries / lists & folders
  • Manage Navigation (QuickLaunch, TopNavigationBar)
  • Manage user alerts
  • Calculate total files size in libraries, sites & site collections
  • Timer Jobs management
  • Enumerate web applications
  • Embedded ULS Log Viewer (supports SharePoint 2010 new feature CorrelationID)

For a complete list of changes between versions always check the ChangeLog.txt file.

The utility uses SharePoint object model, so can only be run on a server that is member of a SharePoint farm. Later versions will support MOSS Web Services, so you can use it from any Windows PC with .NET Framework 3.5 installed.

You can send feedback regarding this tool (report bugs, request new features, ...) by using the Contact Us page and select the appropriate category.

Note: The treeview control used in this tool, is an extended version of the one used in Patrick Tisseghem's Event Handler Explorer (a free tool for registering / unregistering MOSS event handlers).

Note: The author is not responsible for any problems occured by using these utilities. Use at your own risk.

Note: If download links below don't work (e.g corrupted files), use these direct links:

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